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In Love with Bali

Stylist: Saskia Jung. Model: Angelina Radzkova. HMUA: Michaela Kireta. Photographer: Dea Rahajeng. Videographer: Rizky Satari. Assistant: Sofia Gozali. Agencies: Nina Klein, Bali Starz.


Inspired by her trip to Indonesia, Saskia Jung, a Berlin stylist wanted to create a fashion editorial that seamlessly merges Berlin's street style with the essence of Bali. The objective is to showcase the unique blend of urban attitude and tropical influences, highlighting the intersection of two distinct fashion worlds while celebrating the designers on the island.


We collaborated with Saskia and built a team of local and global creatives to curate and capture spicy contemporary looks that merge Berlin's edginess with the relaxed tropical aesthetic of Bali. We partnered with Indonesian-made brands Balm Wears, Canaan, Dirt, Aksu, Cordero Gallery, Displasmant, Santa Elena, and Knitted by Adinda. We shot film, digitals, and produced a short fashion film. The editorial was published by Schön! Magazine.

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