The power of simplicity

We believe deliberate, high-end design preserves timeless sophistication; and representing the people and stories behind a brand is paramount. 

Our approach combines traditional creative practices with a lean, strategic business approach, adapting to market trends, and consumer demands. The result are high-quality designs and marketing solutions that deliver real growth and create real change.

Founded in 2018, we strive to both adhere to tradition and set new standards in quality and execution.
Creative Director
"Driven by my deep appreciation for beauty, photography, and fine arts, along with my desire to help business owners achieve their dreams, I established Monecco.

I still can’t believe I get paid to do what I do. I love creating integrated campaigns and digital experiences. But what really lights me up is brand work and creative production where I get to collaborate with talents all around the world and create magic.

I approach every project with curiosity, calm and kindness. I also bring an inclusive perspective shaped by my journey: I left the womb in Ho Chi Minh City, became me in Washington DC, Oxford, New York City, Paris, Bali and wrote this bio in the Los Angeles where I currently reside.

I hold a Bachelor's in Economics and Marketing; a Master's in Management from Georgetown McDonough School of Business; and coincidentally got into Design from an ad on the tube in London.

With a multicultural background, I embrace diverse perspectives, outside-the-box thinking, and risk-taking. I believe exceptional design stems from understanding a brand's essence and the people behind it. Thus, I prioritize developing personal connections with clients, embarking on exciting journeys to amplify their voice and imbue their brand with authority."

Mimi Phan

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Remote Work
We love working remotely and hope you do as well. PST timezone required.
The Chillest Team
We prioritize quality, efficiency, loyalty, communication, and accountability above all else. Our focus is on delivering excellent results, regardless of when or where our team members are working.
Ownership and Impact
We like smart people who sweat the details—who start with a blank screen, work until a product is ready, and polish until it is exceptional.
Heterogeneous Perspectives
We know that we can do great things alone, but even greater things together.

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